“Blue Lagoon‘s geothermal seawater is one of a kind. It is rich of minerals, silica, and algae.”

The Blue Lagoon’s bioactive seawater is unlike any other water on the planet. It comes from volcanic aquifers, 2000 meters within the earth, where freshwater and ocean water converge in a tectonic realm of searing heat and immense pressure. Endowed with powers derived from the mineral and organic properties of the volcanic earth, the water cleanses, heals, rejuvenates, and undoes the effects of time—bringing radiance, in all its forms, to the mind and body.

The Blue Lagoon

In 2019, Blue Lagoon welcomed around 968,000 guests. This was a decrease from the previous year, which can be attributed to the decrease in tourists traveling to Iceland. However, the average income per guest increased and an emphasis was placed on various offerings and the development of guest experience. The supply of massages and treatments was increased, and a relaxation float was introduced. Guests were also offered a Blue Lagoon storytelling time where hosts tell guests about the history of the Lagoon and the various things it has to offer. Special emphasis was also placed on sales-oriented services throughout the front line, where the different products and service aspects offered in the Blue Lagoon are introduced.

Various improvement projects were implemented with the aim of improving guest experience, increasing efficiency, and reducing environmental impact.

Number of guests in Blue Lagoon 2019

Retreat Spa

Retreat Spa is a unique experience area that has no equal in Iceland. It was designed for both guests of the Retreat Hotel as well as Retreat Spa day guests. In 2019, approximately 20,000 day guests visited Retreat Spa, and with the addition of hotel guests it can be assumed that the Spa welcomed about 43,000 guests over the year.

Day guests receive access to a private changing room and can enjoy their stay in a variety of relaxation areas and in a special lagoon designed exclusively for guests at the Retreat Spa and Retreat Hotel. All Retreat Spa services and frameworks are very sophisticated and an emphasis is placed on guest privacy by connecting the unique environment and the benefits of the geothermal seawater. Various treatments are offered at the Retreat Spa, including. massages, beauty treatments, and relaxation floats. Visitors also experience the basic ingredients of the Blue Lagoon in the Blue Lagoon Ritual space.

Number of Spa guests in 2019

Did you know that

There is continuous flow through the Lagoon and all water is renewed in 40 hours

Guest satisfaction

The Blue Lagoon measures guest satisfaction regularly by measuring the NPS-score. The measurement is an indication of the satisfaction of the Lagoon’s guests and how likely they are to recommend it to friends and family. The average score in 2019 was 56.2, which is considered very good in international comparisons. It also goes hand in hand with previous years, which is very positive.

It is safe to say that guests were happy with the experience at Retreat Spa, with an average NPS-score of 84 for 2019, which is a unique achievement.

Blue Lagoon

Retreat Spa

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