Research and Development

“The Blue Lagoon’s quality management system for the production of skin products and raw materials is certified according to ISO 9001.”

Emphasis on strong research has characterized Blue Lagoon’s operation since its establishment. Examples include research into the healing power of the geothermal seawater on psoriasis, the bioactivity of geothermal ingredients, and ecosystem research. Researchers at the Blue Lagoon Research and Development Center are also working systematically to find new ways to use geothermal energy for further production of skin care products and other products for guests that visit Blue Lagoon Iceland.

Since the first skin product came on the market, the Silica Mud Mask in 1995, more products have followed, and the skin care line now counts over 30 products.

The Blue Lagoon Research and Development Center produces bioactive substances extracted from the Blue Lagoon’s geothermal seawater including silica, minerals, and algae. The researchers are also using, carbon dioxide-rich geothermal gas as feed for algae, which reduces the carbon footprint—a commitment that Blue Lagoon Iceland has been pioneering for quite some time. We are constantly working to reduce waste and look for new, more environmentally friendly ways to operate. Efforts are also being made to reduce the use of packaging and replace plastic packaging with aluminum and glass in the company’s skin care line. The development of new processes and products is based on COSMOS, an international standard for natural products. These processes are designed to ensure that Blue Lagoon’s products meet the market’s ever-increasing demands for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, as best they can.

Successful collaboration with universities

Blue Lagoon Iceland has always had a successful collaboration with universities in the field of research and development. New research led by Dr. Ása Bryndís Guðmundsdóttir has shown evidence that substances produced by algae in the Blue Lagoon effect the human immune system and reduce the inflammation of psoriasis patients. Continued research is expected to result in the development of new treatment options for psoriasis patients.

Many people from the business community, specialists, and the university community visit the research and development center every year. In 2019, more than forty groups or almost 400 people came to visit. As a company, the Blue Lagoon plays a role in the education about the geothermal resource, its multi-use, products, and the company’s operations.

Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic is an important part of the company’s operations as it is intertwined with its history. Since 1994, the Blue Lagoon has offered a psoriasis treatment based on the unique healing power of the Blue Lagoon’s geothermal seawater.

Last year, Blue Lagoon Iceland provided Icelandic psoriasis patients with treatment free of charge and without public co-payment, just as it has done in recent years. During the year, 180 individuals received treatments at Blue Lagoon Medical Clinic for a total of over 3,000 treatment sessions. The average number of treatments for Icelandic patients was 19 times per guest, and for foreign patients about four times.

“Last year guests of the Blue Lagoon used over 40 tons of silica.”

New skin care products

A new face oil, Algae Bioactive Concentrate, was launched in November 2019, and belongs to the category of skin care products. The oil is based on the bioactivity of the Blue Lagoon algae, and research has shown that it counteracts skin aging, stimulates collagen synthesis, and protects the skin from the breakdown of collagen that takes place because of sun exposure. Blue Lagoon Iceland has a patent for the use of algae in cosmetics and medicines.

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